Lauren Elizabeth Lee

Dogville Mural


Dogville NYC Mural

I had the honor of combining my two loves, design and dogs, for @thisisdogville, a pup-up event that opened in Soho, NYC through the month of May to June 2019. I had the honor of designing and painting an interactive mural for one of their sections. The concept is inspired by what dogs daydream about as @ponothelab fabulously demonstrates here. The mural is an interactive, picture moment that allows visitors and their four-legged friends capture a fun, memorable moment together. The mural would accommodate one person and up to two dogs of various sizes. It was the largest undertaking I’ve done this year: 125 sq. ft. in two days of painting and it was a crazy and rewarding experience. Special thanks to Victoria Wu for assisting me the second day without whom I would not have finished in time.


Pictures below are my two design options for the mural (we ended up with the thought bubble concept) done in Procreate. As well as some lovely people who tagged me in their Instagram photos, courtesy of @besdante, @lascopp, @xljuniormint, and @addie_so_baddie.