Lauren Elizabeth Lee

Novel Coffee Roasters: Packaging


Novel Coffee Roasters: Special Collaboration for Packaging

Novel Coffee Roasters is a coffee bean wholesaler and cafe; they partner with a hefty list of cafes all over the USA as well as have their own home-base in Austin, Texas. Their name, Novel, is based on the idea that every coffee has a story. We combined elements from the founder's favorite books (his number one being “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho) into this packaging design to marry the idea of coffee and storytelling. Drinking your coffee on the daily becomes routine and we forget to celebrate those little moments. By adding something special back into the experience, we try to bring a little magic to the everyday and hopefully a smile to your face. The front design is a character tending to a coffee plant whose origins bring an elaborate fabric of wonder.

Every coffee has a story.
— Novel Coffee Roasters