Lauren Elizabeth Lee

Somatic Typeface


Somatic Typeface

Every decade of design contains key stylistic hallmarks. For me, a clear hallmark is the popularity of logotypes that are simple, direct, relatable, and accessible. Somatic provides a skeleton for friendly, honest, and approachable logotypes. Below are playful takes on logos, both iconic and fictional, to demonstrate the font's versatility and overall whimsical feeling. The Somatic font family has been downloaded over half a million times and growing! The Somatic font was one of Behance's most viewed and appreciated projects of 2016. 


Interested in Somatic?

Somatic began as a tool to aid students and self-starting designers as I was a student when I created the typeface/font. However, with its skyrocketing popularity, Somatic is now copyrighted and available for commercial use as well. Somatic has helped hundreds of startups, businesses, and worldwide agencies alike. It has been utilized on a myriad of projects from bakery logos, to social captioning, to headlining major campaigns. If interested, please contact Lauren directly for licensing: