Lauren Elizabeth Lee

United Masters Brand


Your Future Has No Label

United Masters is an artist services company that empowers artists to take control of their own career. By using patented technology, UM tracks new-coming artists and their specific demographic in order to provide the best targeted strategy and advertising for each rising star. The service promotes artists through custom social and editorial content. 


Taking the UM logo, our team expanded the brand across a multitude of applications, creating content from logos for artists to brand merchandising. The result is a living language centered around typography, animation, and illustration to establish United Master's voice which is dynamic cultist, and experimental. 

A Secret Society


United Masters found its footing in the urban music scene. The content style reflects an underground, fashion-like story. We achieve this by mixing two distinct styles of illustration and typography. Illustration is done either in a bold, tattoo-like fashion or an organic, raw hand-drawn style.  Everything is done in the established black, white, and gold. 


A Growing Future

United Masters has expanded to creating social channel videos that feature artists as well as merchandising to further promote the fashion-like culture of the brand. Our team continues to create graphics and content feature artists and video series for the brand. Larger content activations and short films to come in the near future. The below is a promotional short for the editorial content coming soon to the United Masters channel.


Designer & Illustrator: Lauren Lee
Design Director: Adam Vohlidka
Agency: Translation LLC. & United Masters